Coaching Excellent Teams

A sweep rowing crew has to be in perfect harmony for the boat to move forward fast and efficiently, yet each rower has to do their absolute best while staying in synchrony with the rower in front of them.

Business is no different.

Today, Olympic rower Anita DeFrantz is lauded as one of the world’s “Top Twenty Women in Sports”; she’s on the board of dozens of charities; and she is a Vice President with the International Olympic Committee.  Working in synchrony and being a dependable, excellent team player has been her life since she picked up her first oar at age XX.

Your team needs to see themselves in a new light.  They need to understand the benefits to all when they are in harmony, synchronized, helping one another to achieve your collective goal.

Anita DeFrantz is the celebrity speaker who can show and coach your team members to:

  • Build their individual strengths while working as a team
  • See the long term play of getting it perfectly right
  • Why each day is an important component in a goal of excellence
  • Understand and use the principles of interdependence
  • Move effortlessly into flow, for greater productivity and joy at work
  • Work together as a whole

As an Olympic rower, Anita’s thought leadership on harmonious, effective teamwork far transcends any typical business baby food on the topic.  Her audiences become energized and alert to the truth that a career is a long term strategy built one practice at a time until the entire team wins the gold.