Finding Your Stroke (of Genius)

Creating “Flow” in Your Work Day, Every Day


Now and then in every professional’s life, there is a moment where everything is aligned. It seems to all be going your way, things happen effortlessly and you are so engaged the hours disappear.

This state of mind is called “Flow.”  In this state, you perform at your very best.  

An Olympian must be in this state during as many practices as possible, and certainly in it at the critical moment when the eyes of the world are focused on their every move.

Anita DeFrantz knows that pressure, and knows how to create “flow” in work, in life and in sport.  As an Olympic rower (1976, women’s rowing), she has applied and taught the principles she learned in a rowing shell to tens of thousands of people. From beginning rowers to inner city kids trying to excel in sports, from her fellow board members on charities across the world, the International Olympic Committee, and even as a Multiple Sclerosis patient, Anita knows how to get and stay in flow.

Flow produces moments of excellence. The more often you are in flow, the smoother your ride to success in any field of endeavor.

Anita’s powerful program shows audiences:

  • How to recognize when they are in a state of flow
  • The “flow warm up” that usually precedes flow
  • Five Things Every Elite Athlete Does to Move Toward Flow
  • The Quickest Way to Put Yourself in that State
  • Anita Help Me HERE!

This presentation will help audience members get, stay in and perform in a peak state of flow.