Going for Gold in Business

In the weeks before an Olympic game, elite athletes from all over the world converge in one place to prepare and await for their chance to be named as the “best” in the entire world.  The excitement and enthusiasm of the Olympic village is unparalleled.  Every athlete is eager to claim glory for self and country.  Every athlete watches the others and judges him or herself in accordance with the others, the mind playing tricks as each prepares to compete in this most-watched event.  

In this tiny geographic space, the Olympic Village, everyone is exceptional.  There are no beginners. They are no novices. There are very few mistakes. Everyone is one of the best in the world.  

Camaraderie is common. People are cordial, excited, focused.  New friendships are formed.  Each athletes knows what it took to get there, and knows what it will take to claim victory.

Because in the end, there can be only one gold medalist. And every single person in the building wants exactly what you want.

Here’s the problem:  There just aren’t enough gold medals to go around. Most people there will go home without one.  

Here’s the solution:  Mastering the basics and executing them with flawless excellence will increase the chances of taking that precious medal home.

Tense business competitions are similar in experience to those days in the Olympic Village for those who are paying attention.  In every industry, there are the elite people at the top.  They may be polite to one another, may have dinner together at the annual tradeshow, but at the end of the day, each salesperson, each CEO, wants to win the biggest contract.

Here’s the problem:  The biggest contracts go to the best players. Most competitors will not make it to the signature line.   

Here’s the solution: Mastering the basics and executing them with flawless excellence will increase the chances of taking that precious contract home.

In this empowering, eye-opening program, Olympian Anita DeFrantz will reveal:

  • What is required to even qualify to be in the room?
  • What personality traits, dedication and skills does it require to win the competition called business?
  • How do new hires become tomorrow’s business gold medalists?
  • The importance of mastering the basics
  • How teamwork forgeses superstars
  • What differentiates the elite from the recreational players
  • How to find the strength to push past barriers

Using her expertise as an Olympian (Womens Sweep Rowing, bronze), Anita DeFrantz coaches audiences how to compete strategically, effectively and continuously, and how to adapt the mindset of “always improving.”  

Inspiring and empowering, Anita’s story and the lessons easily drawn from it will super-charge your team to “go for the gold”.