Anita DeFrantz – Keynote Speaker

There are marquis speakers who are superstar athletes.  Book them and they’ll mumble a few words about themselves and get resounding applause.  Maybe they’ll stay for some photo ops. Then there are the rousing business speakers whose message really pumps up an audience, sometimes for the rest of the week.

Then there is Olympian Anita DeFrantz, a woman whose quiet dignity, humility, gentle but undeniable personal force and exquisite insights will permanently alter your audience for the better.

Anita’s illustrious career launched with the 1976 Women’s rowing team. They competed at the 1976 Olympic Games. Since that world class victory, Anita has gone on to serve on numerous boards, including service rendered as a Vice President to the International Olympic Committee; to be instrumental in dozens of charities around the world, especially giving a chance to young people who dream of also becoming elite athletes like Anita; and to constantly give speeches and presentations designed to train “regular people” in the elite perspectives and actions she used to become one of in the world.

The (privilege?) chance to learn from this heroine – the first black woman to ever compete in women’s rowing for the USA – a woman who has made her incredible achievements despite battling Multiple Sclerosis since the 90s – will be a memorable, potentially life-changing opportunity for your audience.

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Speaking Topics

Coaching Excellent Teams

A sweep rowing crew has to be in perfect harmony for the boat to move forward fast and efficiently, yet each rower has to do their absolute best while staying in synchrony with the rower in front of them.

Business is no different.

Today, Olympic rower Anita DeFrantz is lauded as one of the world’s “Top Twenty Women in Sports”; she’s on the board of dozens of charities; and she is a Vice President with the International Olympic Committee.  Working in synchrony and being a dependable, excellent team player has been her life since she picked up her first oar at age XX.

Your team needs to see themselves in a new light.  They need to understand the benefits to all when they are in harmony, synchronized, helping one another to achieve your collective goal.

Anita DeFrantz is the celebrity speaker who can show and coach your team members to:

  • Build their individual strengths while working as a team
  • See the long term play of getting it perfectly right
  • Why each day is an important component in a goal of excellence
  • Understand and use the principles of interdependence
  • Move effortlessly into flow, for greater productivity and joy at work
  • Work together as a whole

As an Olympic rower, Anita’s thought leadership on harmonious, effective teamwork far transcends any typical business baby food on the topic.  Her audiences become energized and alert to the truth that a career is a long term strategy built one practice at a time until the entire team wins the gold.

Going for Gold in Business

In the weeks before an Olympic game, elite athletes from all over the world converge in one place to prepare and await for their chance to be named as the “best” in the entire world.  The excitement and enthusiasm of the Olympic village is unparalleled.  Every athlete is eager to claim glory for self and country.  Every athlete watches the others and judges him or herself in accordance with the others, the mind playing tricks as each prepares to compete in this most-watched event.

In this tiny geographic space, the Olympic Village, everyone is exceptional.  There are no beginners. They are no novices. There are very few mistakes. Everyone is one of the best in the world.

Camaraderie is common. People are cordial, excited, focused.  New friendships are formed.  Each athletes knows what it took to get there, and knows what it will take to claim victory.

Because in the end, there can be only one gold medalist. And every single person in the building wants exactly what you want.

Here’s the problem:  There just aren’t enough gold medals to go around. Most people there will go home without one.

Here’s the solution:  Mastering the basics and executing them with flawless excellence will increase the chances of taking that precious medal home.

Tense business competitions are similar in experience to those days in the Olympic Village for those who are paying attention.  In every industry, there are the elite people at the top.  They may be polite to one another, may have dinner together at the annual tradeshow, but at the end of the day, each salesperson, each CEO, wants to win the biggest contract.

Here’s the problem:  The biggest contracts go to the best players. Most competitors will not make it to the signature line.

Here’s the solution: Mastering the basics and executing them with flawless excellence will increase the chances of taking that precious contract home.

In this empowering, eye-opening program, Olympian Anita DeFrantz will reveal:

  • What is required to even qualify to be in the room?
  • What personality traits, dedication and skills does it require to win the competition called business?
  • How do new hires become tomorrow’s business gold medalists?
  • The importance of mastering the basics
  • How teamwork forgeses superstars
  • What differentiates the elite from the recreational players
  • How to find the strength to push past barriers

Using her expertise as an Olympian (Womens Sweep Rowing, bronze), Anita DeFrantz coaches audiences how to compete strategically, effectively and continuously, and how to adapt the mindset of “always improving.”

Inspiring and empowering, Anita’s story and the lessons easily drawn from it will super-charge your team to “go for the gold”.

Finding Your Stroke (of Genius)

Creating “Flow” in Your Work Day, Every Day

Now and then in every professional’s life, there is a moment where everything is aligned. It seems to all be going your way, things happen effortlessly and you are so engaged the hours disappear.

This state of mind is called “Flow.”  In this state, you perform at your very best.

An Olympian must be in this state during as many practices as possible, and certainly in it at the critical moment when the eyes of the world are focused on their every move.

Anita DeFrantz knows that pressure, and knows how to create “flow” in work, in life and in sport.  As an Olympic rower (1976, women’s rowing), she has applied and taught the principles she learned in a rowing shell to tens of thousands of people. From beginning rowers to inner city kids trying to excel in sports, from her fellow board members on charities across the world, the International Olympic Committee, and even as a Multiple Sclerosis patient, Anita knows how to get and stay in flow.

Flow produces moments of excellence. The more often you are in flow, the smoother your ride to success in any field of endeavor.

Anita’s powerful program shows audiences:

  • How to recognize when they are in a state of flow
  • The “flow warm up” that usually precedes flow
  • Five Things Every Elite Athlete Does to Move Toward Flow
  • The Quickest Way to Put Yourself in that State
  • Anita Help Me HERE!

This presentation will help audience members get, stay in and perform in a peak state of flow.